Love has a language that's all its own                          Now it has its own book
 Drenched In Your Love!
Like a rainbow from above
I am drenched in your love
It soaks every part of me
and I don't want to be free
I'm caught up in a down pour
as my soul cries out for more
to be drenched in your love
like a rainbow from above​​​​​​

* Love, Love, Beautiful Love!​​
          The Look!
No words,
just a look that said so much
it was all right there
a feeling in the air
the passion and the desire
the need and then fire
that lovers we could be
if we set our spirits free
but then the look was gone
the light changed and we drove on!

*Sometimes one can't explain certain feelings we get, even if we don't act on them!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
                Believe In Love!
Believe in love
that's what they say
believe it will come to you one day
believe it will make everything right
and turn your darkness into light
believe in love although you can't see
how for you it could ever be
believe that love will find you still
for if you really will!​​​​​​​​​

​* Never give up on love!​​​
Love Is Worth Everything!

​The pain and the sorrow
the laughter and tears
growing old together
throughout the years
love brings with it so many things
a song in your heart
a feeling of Spring
we all soon discover
love is worth everything!

* Love believes all things,hopes all things
and bares all things​
                         True Love

There are many that use its name
often duplicated, but not the same
on this road we call life
there are many kinds
but true love is the hardest thing to find!

​* And the search goes  on..... and on....and on...​​​​​​​​​​
                               Love Is?

Love is as soft as a flowers petal
as gentle as falling rain
as war​​​​m as a Summers breeze
as incredible as a evening sunset
and more beautiful than words can describe!

*Love invokes many emotions.....
but describing it is as elusive as a butterfly​​​​​
  A Man And A Woman!
            A man and a woman
            a time and a place
           a man of all seasons
            a woman of grace
            it all comes together
     ​​       at a moment in time
            two hearts find each other
           and are entwined!​

*Do you remember your moment in time?​​