I Give!
I g​​ive to you my love today
will you keep it, or throw it away
I give to you my heart and my soul
to you forever to have and to hold
I give to you all that is me
the inner self that no one can see
my hopes, my dreams
my fears, my doubts
nothing from you will I leave out
I give to you my love today
will you take it,or throw it away?​​​​​​​​​​
                      Missing You!

Missing you when we're​​ apart
missing the tenderness of your heart
missing you holding me tight
our quiet walks in the middle of the night
missing your fingers tracing my lips​​​​
the look in your eyes right before we kiss
missing your fingers curled in mine​​
as we get lost in love and endless time
missing you the whole day through
and knowing that you are missing me too!​​​
                      I Didn't Know! 

I thought I knew what love was all about
I didn't know that it could walk right in
and just as easily walk right out
I didn't know it could break my heart
or tear m​​​​​​y world apart   
but I was young, naive, just a silly girl
I didn't know that ​hearts could mend
and all the hurt ​ends too
I didn't know, I didn't know,
I didn't know, until you!​​
          There Will Always Be You!

There were mountains I had to climb in my life, and rivers I had to cross too
dreams I had to capture, people I had to see, places I had to be
but at the end of each road
there was always you​​​​​​ to help me climb
to ease my my mind in this troubled world
I'm one lucky girl
because, I know there will always be YOU!​​​ 
          I Want You Back!

I want you back
there's nothing more I lack
my world would be just fine
if once more you were mine
so I must confess
I can do nothing less
yousimply were the best
and I want you back!​​​​​​
                     Little Thing

You touch my hand
and oh, my world was grand
you just smile
and my heart went wild
you blew a kiss
that filled my world with bliss
if you ​​​​​​​​only knew
what such little things can do
there just some of the reasons​
I fell in love with YOU!​
                     Loving You!

Loving you is the best thing I will ever do
If I search the whole world through
I could never find a love like you
so I think that you should know
I have no plans to let you go
because, loving you is the best thing I will ever do!​​​​​

I let you invade my space
any ​time, ​​any place
I let you complicate my life​
with love and sometimes strife
sometimes you make ​​e cry, then sing
from all the daily little t​hings
and just when I think I can take no more
that's when you love me as never before!​​