Romantic Poetry From               My Book  ​"Seasons Of Love"

                     True Love!
    O​n this road we call life
     there are many kinds
       but true love is the
​hardest thing to find!
  If There Were No Dreams!
     If there were no dreams
     I would never have you
       you are the reality
     that dreams can come true​​​​
I let you invade my space
any time and any place
I let you complicate my life
with love and sometimes strife
sometimes you make me cry, then sing
from all the daily little things
and just when I think I can take nomore
that's when you love me as never before!​​​​​​​​
   He loved me with words
    right from the start
  ​      but in the end
    he forgot to love me with his heart!​

        I Would Love You Again!
If I could go back through the years
the happiness we've shared, and the tears
and all the silly fights we had
just because you made me mad
and all the struggles I've ​​​​​​had to go through
just because of loving you
If I could go back through my life
from beginning to end
I would still love you again!​​​​
                 You're Everything To Me!
My darling, at days end
you're the thread and needle that mends
at midnight my love you light up my night
you truly are my guiding light
and in the morning you're the riing Sun
the beauty of a treasure won
you are everything to me
all the day through
my day starts and ends with YOU!​​​​​​​​​
 Just For The Love Of YOU!
Just for the love of you​,
​let me tell you what I'd do
I'd swim the deepest ocean
climb a mountain high
jump from an airplane​​
high up in the sky
I'd wrestle an ​an alligator
be a matador in Spain
j​ust for the pleasure
of hearing you speak my name​ ​​
I'd be the greatest heroine​
this world ever knew
all of this I would do
just for the love of YOU!​​​
 So Many Memories Of You!
Someones else's look
someones else's touch
someones else's kiss
oh, they mean so much
looking at the little things
that all lovers do
only bring back
so many memories of you!​​​​​​​