When A Beautiful Love Story Comes To An End.......
Poems Of The Heart!​
Poems From My Book...."When Love Ends!
                             The Flame!
In the mist of darkness
you were my light
to guide me safely through the night
to remind me of the love we shared
with the promise
it would always be there
our love has dimmed
it can barely be seen
like a candle, it flickers in between
I thought I knew what love was all about
now all I can do
is watch as the flame goes out!​​​​​​​​​​​​
You gave me flowers
cards and chocolates too
but what I really needed
you never gave me
that was YOU!​​​​
 No words were said
no tears were shed
no pleas, no sighs
just a smile that said Goodbye!​​​​
To see your face
to touch your skin
to dream of loving you again
to share your world
I'd give up mine
if I could stop the hands of time
I'd keep you here
in this time and space
to just forever see your face
but fate has pulled us far apart
I no longer hold your heart
to you I'm just a memory
a fleeting love, never meant to be!​​​​​​​​​​​​​
They sit in a room in two chairs
while la​​wyer's divides up
​what once was theirs
their eyes meet in a final farewell
where once were hearts
now just empty shells
they once shared a happy life
but now no longer​​​​​!
​will they be man and wife​!
  I Wonder?
In every face I see
I wonder if it could be
that he was meant
to fall in love with me
and when I see him smile
it just drives me wild
but then I wonder if like you
he would hurt me too!​​​​

   What Can I Say About You!
What can I say about you
now that you are gone
and my heart no longer
sings a love song
what can I say
now that we are through​​​​​​
all I can say is that
I still love you.​​
                      The Mirror
It was a false reflection of you
nothing about you was ever true
everything was distorted
from beginning to end
I wish I knew now
what I didn't know then!​​​​​​
          Broken Pieces
Shattered and broken
at loves end
reflections on
what might have been​​​​
a heart no longer open
from hurtful words spoken
just a heart of broken pieces
and a pain that never ceases!​​​​
Your eyes held a tr
I didn't see
I only heard and accepted
the lies you told to me
I should have stopped and
looked deep within
but I was a fool
I didn't want it to end!​​​​