Forever Things!
As a little girl the world was mine
and everyone was loving and kind
I had my dolls, toys, and stuff
and for me that was enough
they were my forever things
that I would always love​​​​​​
and that made my heart dance and sing​
As I grew things began to change
nothing was quite the same the stars above
the little girl so happy and free
saw a different world
than I thought it would be
and the dolls and the toys I loved so much
I hardly ever gave a touch
my forever things turned into boys
no more playing with those silly toys
the sky, the moon,​​​​​​​​​​​ the stars above
only spoke to me now of love​
My childhood friends became a bore
I was mature,and deserved so much more
there was nothing I didn't know
and I often told my parents so
the world was mine,just one big brass ring
and it offered to me everything​​​​​​

4.  My parents I no longer needed
I hushed their voices as they pleaded
​​​​it was my life, I was in control
I no longer needed to be told​!
So I left it all behind
on the road to success, I was so blind
I thought I was wise
and I knew the world
but I was just a silly girl​​​​​
I met so many people out there
one's I thought really cared
they said they were my forever friends
and would stay with me until the end​​​​
we laughed,we played, had so much fun
but they were false, everyone
they were all takers
who wanted a part ofme
but I was so blind, I could not see
the clothes, the parties, and all the fun
butmy life was a happy one​​​​​​​
The face in the mirror became hard and cold
the innocence of my youth
no longer to behold
the pleasures of the world
were no longer sweet
and made demands I could not meet​​​​ 
I was no longer the master of my fate
but this knowledge came tome to late
it was to late to turn back now
​​​​ ​​and I didn't really know how
So I had to keep going​
I could not stop
even though I knew
I would never reach the top
I'd sold my myself to the world​
my mind, my body, and my soul
all to achieve the world's gold
I'm bound in chains you cannot see
the world has totally captured me​​​​
I fell in love
it chained me too​​
his words were lies
and never true
he promised to love me forever
and then he left me for my closest friend​​​​
When my money ran out
my friends did too
I had sacrificed the old for the new​​​
the pass is like a movie screen​
I know I lived it
but it seems like a dream
it's just a flicker in my mind
of when I was young
and the world was kind
and forever things seemed to last
now they live only in my past​​​​​​​
I didn't cherish my forever things​
and all the happiness they did bring
I wanted to grow up so fast
and put those childish​ things in the past
I lost so much I didn't see
what wanting the worlds riches
had done to me​​​​​
I see it in the eyes of young girls
all so thirsty to taste the world
not knowing the price it will cost
​​​​and in the end their soul may be lost
the glitz and the glam
will fade one day
as alone on your bed you lay
and the tears you shed
that no one can see
as satin sheets lay under thee​​​​​​
Tomorrow you'll host a grand affair
but the ones who matter won't be there
you'll smile,be happy,it's your life
while silently you'll wish it all would end​​​​
and you were back home with family and friends, and all those silly forever things
family,home, friends, and more
that you left behind​, when you closed that door.
I hope this book and all it brings
will make you cherish your forever things
and keep them close within your heart
and never let "forever things" depart
or one day you will be like me
wishing your "forever things" could still be!​​​​    ​​​​​
Finale Poem!
Looking Back!

I miss the girl that once was me​
happy,go lucky, wild and free​​​
I miss seeing the world through a child's eyes​, where fairy tales seemed real
and there were no lies
I miss Sunday picnic's
carnivals, and fairs
where families played together
and everyone cared​​​​​
I mis it all, it doesn't seem fair
to have to grow up, and leave it all there!​​
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