Growing Up Black Poetry​
This poem brought back some of the memories of stories my grandmother told me about the slaves in the south. The face spoke to me of hardship they faced which shown on their faces and yet a hoppe that could not be taken away !
Freedom came slow and hard
but she was led on by those old spiritual songs
she had children to raise
so she kept her gaze
while she made the beds, fanned the flies
on hot days from her masters eyes
inside she was free
but he never could see
still she sang those song when all hope seemed gone
freedom could not be killed with chains and bars
true freedom will live in spite of the scars! 

Full lips, kinky hair
brown eyes, dark skin, round hips
they distinguish us above all others
these are the features and heritage of a black person, they are what makes us proud
what makes us brothers and sisters, what keeps us alive, keeps us growing stronger, keeps us unique, makes us black!​​​​​​​
Shades of black
they come in all colors, all shapes, all sizes, from different backgrounds, and different walks of life.  Still united by one common bond, and heritage, their blackness!​​​​​
Strong And Black!
Strong and black
that's what she was
strong and black
like iron
she didn't bend
she didn't run
she stood tall and firm
in times of adversity
she was strong and black
a nation came from her loins
a people formed under hardship
like a diamond under pressure
we will survive
because we are her children
and we are strong and Black!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I Like Being Black!

I like being black, and I'll tell you why
it's the way I was born, and the way I'll die
my hair isn't straight, my eyes aren't blue
I am me, and you are you
the good Lord made it just that way
so what more is there to say
so, I like being black, I'm telling you true
God made me that way, so he must like it too!​​​​​​​​​
                                                  Skin Ain't Nothing But A Color!
Skin ain't nothing but a color​.  That's what my mother told me one day
when I was fighting, and I said I was just helping my brother against some white boys
well he wasn't my blood kin,but his color was the same as mine.  That's when my mother told me "skin, don't make you kin."​​  Its the heart that unites us all, and the heart doesn't see color, all it knows is how to love one another.  Ever since, I have lived by those words.  I've met a lot of brothers and sisters in my life, some with slanted eyes,yellow skin, red skin, and white skin too.  Speaking in languages I never understood, but our hearts spoke the same language.  Don't get me wrong, my mother raised me to be proud of my black skin, but she also taught me that God has more than just one race of people, and that he loves every one of those races he created.  So I have learned to look beyond the color of one's skin to the heart.  Because mama was right..... "Skin Ain't Nothing But A Color"​​
A Black Child's Prayer!
Help mama Lord to get some rest
from cleaning other people's mess
Lord give her some nice clothes to wear
one;s that don't have rips and tares
and make her knees not hurt so much
from scrubbing floors, walls, and such
give her a song to sing at night
and make all her burdens light
and put a smile upon her face
instead of tears that leave a trace
and make the bills all go away
thank you Lord, these things I Pray!